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This Week In AI – Sunday May 14, 2023

this week in ai may 14

This week in AI for the week ending Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Google’s I/O Event

Google I/O is Google’s flagship developer conference. This week they used this opportunity to announce several new AI products and features.

Google is integrating generative AI into search as well as all of their core products.

They have also launched Duet AI for Google Workspace, a generative AI productivity tool that will be integrated with slides, docs, sheets and more.

Google Is Incorporating AI into its existing search results.

New features include:

-An AI-generated snapshot

-More accurate results

-New shopping tools

-Conversational mode

Google Bard Updates

New features include:

-Dark theme

-Visual features to search from photos

-Support 20+ programming languages

-Works with other apps

-Write in Gmail, Export into Docs

-Generate spreadsheet

Bard is now available in 180 languages and the wait list has been removed.

Palm 2 Updates

Google introduced PaLM 2, a family of foundational language models comparable to OpenAI’s GPT-4. Google revealed that it already uses PaLM 2 to power 25 products, including its Bard conversational AI assistant.

According to Google, PaLM 2 supports over 100 languages and can perform “reasoning,” code generation, and multi-lingual translation.

PaLM 2 comes in four sizes: Gecko, Otter, Bison, Unicorn. Gecko is the smallest and can reportedly run on a mobile device.

Google Deepmind Introduces Gemini

Google introduced Gemini, their next-generation multimodal foundation model that is a rival to ChatGPT. Gemini was created from the ground up to be a multimodal, highly efficient tool with API integrations and built to enable future innovations, like memory and planning.

Once fine-tuned and rigorously tested for safety, Gemini will be available at various sizes and capabilities, just like PaLM 2.

Gmail with AI

“Help me write” in Gmail can generate emails that pull context from other conversations you’ve had with an email address.

Google Maps Upgrades

Google announced several updates to Google Maps, including a new Immersive View for routes. Users will see a multidimensional experience that delivers real-time visual previews of bike lanes, sidewalks, intersections, and available parking along a selected route.

Google Photos Magic Editor

Google introduced Magic Editor for Google photos, which uses generative AI to let you make major edits to a photo without professional tools.

Adobe Aero For AR

Google and Adobe have teamed up to power up Adobe Aero, a tool for AR creators. The partnership brings Google’s real-world modeling into Adobe’s creative design tools.

Meta’s ImageBind AI Model

Meta has announced a new open-source AI model that links together multiple streams of data, including text, audio, visual data, temperature, and movement readings.

Wendy’s Automating It’s Drive Thru With AI

Wendy’s will use Google Cloud’s generative AI and large language model technology to enable drive-thru conversations with customers, even if orders include special requests like no cheese or extra sauce.

OpenAI Text To 3D Model

OpenAI released its text to 3d model called Shap-E. The generative AI tool offers a new way of producing 3D objects that creates better, more detailed, and accurate objects. OpenAI also announced that ChatGPT browsing and plugins will be available to all plus users this week.

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