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New Products Spotlight May 2024

new ecommerce products may 2024

Each month we will be highlighting products that are either new to the market or newly popular and also have keywords that are favorable for targeting. This month the spotlight is on 5 product categories that comprise a wide range of consumer needs and are highly sought after. Here are 5 new keyword-friendly ecommerce products for May, 2024:

1. Inflatable Tents

inflatable tents

Inflatable tents have revolutionized the camping experience, offering a convenient and hassle-free alternative to traditional tents. They can be set up in minutes, making them ideal for both seasoned adventurers and novice campers. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness or attending a festival, inflatable tents are a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Search Volume: 9.9K

Keyword Difficulty: 24

Google Trends – Inflatable Tents

google trends inflatable tents

Top Competitors:

RBM Outdoors

Outdoor XL

2. Prank Kit

prank kit

Prank kits are loaded with everything you need to pull off hilarious practical jokes. From classic gags like fake rubber snakes and hand buzzers to themed sets tailored for bathroom pranks, college dorm antics, or house parties, there’s a prank kit for every occasion.

Search Volume: 1000

Keyword Difficulty: 29

Google Trends – Prank Kit

prank kit google trends

Top Competitors:

Magic Makers


3. Smart Wallets

smart wallet

Smart wallets have evolved beyond the traditional billfold. These tech-savvy accessories offer features like RFID-blocking technology to protect your contactless payment cards from digital pickpocketing. Some even come with built-in trackers, allowing you to locate your wallet if it’s lost. 

Search Volume: 5.4K

Keyword Difficulty: 18

Google Trends – Smart Wallet

smart wallet google trends

Top Competitors:



4. Trucker Hats

trucker hats

Trucker hats, with mesh backs and curved brims, have become a staple in casual fashion. These hats blend style and functionality, making them popular among both men and women. Whether you’re channeling a retro vibe or seeking a rugged look, there’s a trucker hat for everyone.

Keyword Volume: 49.5K

Keyword Difficulty: 22

Google Trends – Trucker Hats

trucker hats google trends

Top Competitors:


Hat Pro Shop

5. Turmeric Soap

turmeric soap

 Turmeric soap is a natural beauty product made with dried turmeric as its main ingredient. This vibrant spice adds color, warmth, and a distinct scent to the soap. Beyond its aromatic properties, turmeric offers several skin benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, making it suitable for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Additionally, turmeric helps balance skin oils and can reduce redness caused by inflammation. When combined with other nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, turmeric soap becomes a soothing and hydrating option for all skin types.

Search Volume: 18.1K

Keyword Difficulty: 27

Google Trends – Turmeric Soap

turmeric soap google trends

Top Competitors:


Seek Bamboo

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